My burning desire to cook...without burning down the house

Busy Dizzy Girl

They say “Busy people get things done.” For me, busy people get zits and mood swings. That’s my experience this whirlwind of a week.

Today I have meetings and photo-shoots at the The Capitol Skyline Hotel, where I work with the Rubell family on rockstar pool parties and the infusion of art and style into SouthWest DC. Not a bad gig. I’m just a little tired and off-balance because my closet is trashed and dishes are dirty. I know, cry me a River Phoenix.

Hopefully, I can cook, bake and chill all weekend long. On Monday I’m jetting back to New York for the James Beard Awards.  They’ve asked me to guest-blog the gala, alongside much more established food bloggers like: Carol Blymire (, Marcia Gagliardi (, Jennifer Leuzzi (, Adam Sachs (, Meatball, Snacktime, Julia Childless (

Assuming I’m the resident “clueless chick,” which means I’ll at least look hot. Everybody will be there- from the Voltaggio Brothers to Thomas Keller.  Very cool experience. Just hope I don’t embarrass myself too much. (A little mortification is standard.)

Spike gets home tonight and I’d like to have some food ready for my hard-workin’ hubby. Even though he’s not my husband, and not exactly slumming it in his penthouse hotel suite. Sometimes I’m just so Mad Men.

Any recommendations for one-pot wonders?

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