My burning desire to cook...without burning down the house

Happy and Lucky and Loved.

I started this blog what feels like another lifetime ago. I wasn’t even sure I’d tell anyone about it at first, and definitely didn’t have any bold ambitions. Honestly, I just needed something to do. A few years later, this Tuesday, my memoir is coming out with the same title, bursting with stories of the same joy, the same ache — just more. I’ve never identified as a blogger, but I was born a writer. And so, because of this page, these recipes, those photos, this font, that song, and all the stuff in between, the creation of Apron Anxiety, everything has worked out. And I mean everything. I recently gave an interview where they asked for five words to describe myself. “Happy,” flew off my tongue. HAPPY. I’m happy because of the book, of course, but it’s so much more. It’s simple: I feel loved. Not just by an incredible man (newsflash!), but by friends and acquaintances who have been so helpful and generous for no other reason other than kindness. I left work on Friday, two weeks off for bookstuff, and my pals at Grub Street, and the mail room, and the candy stand downstairs, sincerely wished me luck on the launch. They all had the same sparkle in their eye as they sent me off on my so-called sabbatical. Now it’s Saturday night and I’m taking a shower, making crispy kale (take an entire head of kale, drizzle it in *good olive oil, add salt and pepper, bake at 375 for about 10 minutes… better than a bag of Terra Chips, I swear 2 g-d), and staying in. Need to be rested for the week to come. Oddly enough, I’m not even nervous. And I don’t think I’m lying. Life is so good as is; anything more is just ego. Goodnight world.

Photo credit: Jen Gotch

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