My burning desire to cook...without burning down the house

Baking. Crack. Pie.

Spent the weekend back in DC. Got caffeinated at Misha’s, fed at Majestic and Twix'ed at Target. Enjoyed Halloween on C street (aka: Home) with Spike, neighbors, orange Kit Kats and all things sweet and offbeat. If distance makes the heart grow fonder, Washington and I are perfectly estranged. I’ve missed it.

Woke up slightly jealous of all the 7-year olds with pillow cases of Blow Pops and Baby Ruths, so today I’m soothing my sugar envy with a little thing called Crack Pie. I’m late on the crack rage - it seems foodies embraced the recipe a year ago, but whatever, this is my Momofuku moment.

The directions are a bit advanced for a foodie freshman like me, but I’m feeling weirdly rested and alert. Why not give her a go? Here’s a step-by-step version found on The Soho: Slices of Life from the Southern Hostess. Want to try it together? I can almost promise to make you look good.

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